A discord bot for your server, moderations, security and utilities

About Us

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Our bot has great function, along with it's vast majority of commands, we make sure that the bot is working at a 100% efficiency! The Seventh Bot is a well thought off bot created by the seventh staff team!


Seventh bot is decorated perfectly to look appealing for our members and customers, Thus we make sure that all grammatical are corrected if there is one. Seventh main theme color is orange and yellow!

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Seventh Staff

An amazing staff team that is there to answer your questions and build our bot!

"Security is not a product, but a progress"



Seventh Creation.

Hello, I am Jayden, Seventh Bot Owner. I Created this bot with the purpose to help protect discord server in the easiest and safest way possible, thus Seventh Was created from an Inspiration out of an Anime I watched called “The Orbital Children” Seven being an AI that sought to be the smartest amongst humans an AI, always learning and always making new things. I enjoy this anime and I loved the plot, so i decided to name the bot Seventh instead of Seven. 


Whether you’re curious about features, an issue, we’re here to answer any questions